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Over the last 70 years, Testa and Toni  dealt with and solved many problems in a wide variety of fields. Testa and Toni is committed to long term customer satisfaction through quality of service and product reliability.
Our know-how has been successfully exercised in areas as complex as
repairing and machining blow out preventors, mud agitators, draw work for drillers and petroleum equipment, well heads, fluid-ends, mud and water pumps, air pumps, hydraulic pumps, rotors (Electrical and mechanical), triplex engines, impellors, propellers, differentials, machining and grinding long cylinders, repairing mud pumps` crankshafts, refacing for mud pumps, overhaul for complete assembly lines, buckets, clamps, machining and overhaul for rear and front axles, wishbones and beams, including the manufacturing of the different types of bearing, links, and axles as well as the machining of the entire body …etc. We also manufacture a variety of intricate parts required by our customers such as crankshafts. Heat treatment, dynamic balancing, hard chrome coating and caoutchouc coating are among our specialties.
Experience gained is exploited in a professional manner to create a wide variety of innovative and practical solutions to problems that our customers considered impossible to solve. These solutions are rapidly and reliably generated in close cooperation with our customers at a fair price. Our main concern is to provide our customers with the quality and security they need.
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