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9 Reasons to Choose Testa and Toni:


1. Experience:

There is no substitute for experience; no machine can take the place of the experience provided by our company`s workers. T&T is the maker of high quality products since 1932. This experience allows us to react to any situation. We will make full use of the wide ranging experience and convert it into marketable and practice-oriented products and solutions

2. Reliability:

T&T has more than 70 years of experience in the field of reverse engineering. This experience, in return, creates the quality, dependability and reliability of the products required by our customers. In T&T, tolerances can be held less than a one-half thousandth of an inch where the different jobs are subjected to in depth testing.

3. Creativity

We are an innovative company, proud of our quality products and creative solutions. We achieve success by striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. Additionally, some of the demands required by our customers do require an almost artistic touch.

4. Confidence:

Over the last 70 years, we have dealt with and solved many problems in a wide variety of fields which provided us with confidence in our decisions. Accordingly, our confidence is used for the benefit of the customers rapidly and reliably. Our ability to anticipate customer needs and respond quickly and cost effectively have ranked T&T as a premier company in the field.

5. Variety:

The experience of the last 70 years is reflected in the expansion of our innovative ideas and the wide variety of problem solving concepts we offer to our customers. This variety is tailored to suit the individual requirements of our customers who need rapid access to the most economical and the highest quality designs and problem solving concepts.

6. Quality

Our lasting success is due to the fact that we are a company whose primary goal is to give customers a value greater than the price paid for the product. To achieve this, we are committed to provide the highest quality products with the best customer service at a fair price. In Testa and Toni, the different jobs are subjected to in depth testing. All this can only be achieved through close cooperation with existing and potential users. This is why the term partnership is of such importance in our company .

7. Partnership

Our company emphasizes partnerships with its clients, doing away with the usual adversarial nature of the buyer/seller relationship. We look to create the 21st century paradigm of win-win relationships, where everyone wins! Aside from only supplying products and services, we realize that we can be of great service in providing solutions for our partners. Partnership with our customers is part and parcel of our company`s philosophy. We are developing a closer relationship with our clients by being involved in their problems and solving them as their partners.

8. Service

Testa and Toni has a reputation for outstanding customer service and support. We feel strongly that offering these added values is important in fulfilling the needs of our customers. Additionally, we understand that as the products grow more technically complex, offering more technical service and support is critical. We are committed to long-term customer satisfaction through quality of service, product and design reliability. We aim to provide quality service and products on a consistent basis. We have a sense of service that allows the solution to be found. To promote this within our organization, we encourage change, teamwork and a bond between our customers, employees and suppliers.

9. Price

Over 70 years of experience, we have developed many cost-saving methods of production which we are glad to share with our clients. We can review drawings and ideas, and then make recommendations on how to keep costs to a minimum. Our experience in this field gives us the ability to move quickly on your project and supply our customers with a very competitive price.

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