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Testa & Toni (T&T) has the capacity of manufacturing and re-certifying all sizes and pressure ratings of API 6A Products from sizes 1 13/16” to 30” and pressure rating range from 500 PSI to 20000 PSI. Testa & Toni has vast experience with Wellhead & Christmas tree repairs and modifications with an intricate knowledge of tree design.

With the wide ranging capability of our workshop, we can do all required repair scopes, modifications and fabrication for all Wellhead & Christmas Tree Products which are manufactured under T&T API 6A license, including

    1. Flanges
    2. Double Studded Adapters (DSAs)
    3. Hubs
    4. Flanged and Studded Spools
    5. Spacer Spools
    6. Adapter Spools
    7. Studded Crosses and Tees
    8. Flange X union adapters
    9. Cross Over Flanges
    10. Manifolds
    11. Blind Flanges
    12. Weld Neck Flanges
    13. Integrate Adaptors without welding
    14. Test Stumps
    15. Socket welding flanges
    16. threaded Flanges
    17. Bell Nipple Flanges
    18. Shooting Nipple Flanges
    19. Unions & Cross Overs Flanges
    20. Casing Heads (Braden Heads) 
    21. Complete Diverter Lines
    22. Offshore drilling risers
    23. Kill Hose
    24. Casing & Tubing Head Spools
    25. Tubing Adaptors
    26. Gate Valves
    27. Ball Valves
    28. Pulsation Dampeners
  • Testa & Toni (T&T) has the capacity to quickly design and correctly manufacture uncommon adapters and crossover connectors with API Flanges and ANSI/ASME/ASTM Flanges.
  • All Adaptors (Cross Over or Union Types) could be made Integrated as one piece without fabrication or assembly without welding or by using connection welding as per customer requirement.
  • Testa & Toni (T&T) can repair and re-certify all the above mentioned products as per customer requirement and API Standards. And for corrosion resistance, overlays like Stainless Steel 316 L are used to improve product life.
  • Testa & Toni has also the capability of manufacturing any tailored made or customized products from Pressure rating, sizes, special Lengths and materials as per customer requirement and API Standards.