• Draw Work
  • Drilling Equipment Major Overhaul
  • Overhaul Mud Pump
  • Overhaul Mud Pump
  • Overhaul Sheaves
  • Overhaul Sheaves
  • Overhaul Swivel


Our highly experienced team, who worked closely with equipment owners and OEM for years are capable of executing major overhauls for all types of the Rig Floor Equipment including and not limited to:

  • Hook Block- Dead Line Anchor Overhaul¬†
  • Mud Pump Major Overhaul
  • Draw Work Major Overhaul
  • Rotary Table & Transmission Major Overhaul
  • Traveling & Crown Block Major Overhaul
  • Swivel Major Overhaul
  • Crown Block Overhaul
  • Mud Agitators Major Overhaul
  • Baylor Brake Overhaul