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  • Modules
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  • Pony Rods
  • Rotary Table
  • Top Drive Shaft


Testa & Toni has an overwhelming reputation when it comes to the Drilling Field and The Rig Floor Equipment Repairs. Testa & Toni is an expert facility in manufacturing all the spare parts required for the drilling sector, providing repair & machining for all drilling equipment & executing major overhauls for all types of the Rig Floor Equipment. Our highly experienced team, who worked closely with equipment owners and OEM for years, is capable of delivering high quality service, overhaul repair, and onsite jobs including and not limited to; 

  • Draw Work  Repairs 
  • Mud Pumps Repairs 
  • Top Drive Repairs 
  • Crown Block Sheaves Repair
  • Power Swivels and Swivel Shaft Repair
  • Gooseneck Repair
  • Shell Shakers Repair
  • Mud Agitators Repair and Overhaul of the Agitators Gear Boxes
  • Baylor Brake Repair ( Magnets & Rotors Repair)
  • Jacking system Repair :  (Inborad & Outboard Hubs) & Pinions
  • Flotation Risers Repairs (Buoyancy Risers System)(Fiber Glass Repairs)
  • Rig Move Package Repair
  • Skids Manufacturing