Because of its vast and exclusive experience in its field, T&T is considered to maintain a reputable leadership in manufacturing high quality gears.

The company is also specialized in overhauling complete Gear Boxes from disassembly, inspection, gears manufacturing, changing Bearings, assembly and commissioning. T&T’s highly skilled and experienced labors are entirely focused on quality, which in return creates the reliability and dependability of its gears and gear boxes.

Our leadership in the field of gears is also due to the accurate material selection and the heat treatment of materials.

Our manufactured gears include spur, straight, helical, double helical, spiral and straight bevel gears, worm gears, worm Shafts , sprockets, splines and internal teeth cutting.

The company has the capability of repairing and welding any type of gears after material analysis with special welding rods & Heat Treatment returning the damaged gears to their original condition.