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  • pumps manufacturing overhaul
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  • Triplex & Quadruplex Pumps
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  • Our know-how has been successfully exercised in areas as complex as repairing, machining and overhaul of all types of pumps like Centrifugal Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps and Reciprocating Pumps. Our scope of work includes major overhauls of Mud pumps, Water pumps, Gear pumps, Rotary pumps (Single & Multiple Rotors), Oil Field Triplex & Quadruplex pumps, Plungers & Pistons pumps, Chemical pumps, Submersible borehole pumps, Submersible motor pumps, Waste water pumps, energy pumps and hygienic pumps.
  • Testa & Toni having the state of art machines is also capable of manufacturing all internal parts of the Pumps like Impellers, Pistons; wear Rings, Casing Casting & Housings, Shafts, plungers, Pony Rods, and Mechanical Seals.
  • We are also capable of all major repairs concerning any machining, welding, re-sleeving for bearing seats, Impellor wear rings, Line Boring and Hard Chrome Plating for Plungers or Rotor Shafts.
  • Testa & Toni pumps service offers a complete service from repair overhaul to safe return of the equipment to operation.