• Testa & Toni (T&T) has several tanks of Hard Chrome Plating with a capacity of up to 2500 mm in diameter and 8 meters in length using advanced catalysts and additives to achieve the best quality and shortest lead time catering the needs of Mud Rotors, Drilling Jars, Hydraulic Rods, shafts & Cylinders, Piston Crowns, BOP Ram Shafts & Locking Screw Shafts, Annular Pistons, BOP cylinders, Ball Valves & Gate Valves.
  • Our Expertize and large fleet of machines allow us using the Hard Chrome Plating in repairing worn out seats and areas on any static and rotating parts externally and internally.
  • Our state of art grinding machines and tools have the capacity to grind any plated item internally or externally with the highest quality in the market. 
  • Testa & Toni Perform major overhauls for Hydraulic, Jacking and Raising cylinders from complete disassembly, inspection, Hard Chrome plating, Seals Delivery, Internal Parts Manufacturing and Repair, Assembly to the Final Hydraulic Pressure & Function Test using Our State of Art computerized Test Units and Test Bay.